Thursday, 12 November 2009

The Unknown Passage - Summer

Greece, Pub "Psilos", Xino Nero

Dr Kostas Hatzis - Vocals, Guitar
Dimitris Kitsos - Farfisa
Kostas Hatzitrifonos - Drums
Sakis Giantsis - Bass
Manos Hatzitrifonos - Guitar
And Friends....

I thing it was in 2005....Good Times....

I spend my Saturday nights alone,
Nothin' to do just sit at home,
This town's gettin' dead, nowhere to go,
They closed the dance and I've seen - the show,

Summer, - it's comin' again
Summer, - with me and my friends
Summer, - the date and the beach,
Summer, - within - my reach.

Summer has gone and I'm all alone,
Think I'll just go on back home,
This town's gettin' deader than before,
No place to go and I'm all - alone,

More videos coming soon..

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